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Home: Back of a long white cadillac.

Age: As old as them there hills, as young as the punks.

Profession: Lovesick, Broke & Driftin’.

Hobbies: Whiskey, weed & women; lovin’ and huggin’; honky tonk girls; thunderstorms and neon signs; beatin’ his feet on the Mississippi Mud; makin’ home movies; whiskey, weed & women.

Last Book Read: What Made Milwaukee Famous by Jerry Lee Lewis.

Last Accomplishment: Exchanged hair-braiding tips and geetar licks with Keith and Willie.

Quote: “Yee-hah!”

Profile: The son and grandson of two country music legends, III discovered a new musical approach when he bought his first KISS albums at the tender age of 8. The kid pursued a life of hard rock for the next decade until discovering the kind of honky-tonk music country stations don't play anymore. These days when you catch his shows, the sets are evenly divided between the crackin’ heavy metal/punk hybrid of Assjack and his own traditional country tunes about, well, whiskey, weed & women.

Beer: Boy Howdy!
Photo by Robert Matheu