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The Beat Goes On
New Reviews

The Secret Machines
Psychedelia, Gee-Whiz!
But what would Desmond Llyewelyn say?

New Reviews
Who's On First?
Ben Blackwell shows why music, like baseball, is 90 percent mental—the other half is physical.
New Reviews
The Stooges
From The Darkest Regions Of My Ass
A Stooge tale of triumph in London Town. The MFIC takes time out from summer vacatin for a proctology exam.
New Reviews
Sylvain Sylvain
Confessions Of A Doll
Syl talks trash (pick it up) but
Dinosaur Jr. Gods Of Thunder
Huh? What did you say?

Ian McLagan & Eddie Baranek Two Guys Walk Into A Bar...
A Face faces off with one of the Sights!

Stephan Malkmus Facing The Truth
Orange you glad I'm drinking a banana?

Off Register Morgan vs. Danzig
Tune in to see who wins!

The Sights Living The Life They Sing About
But after a while, will they burn out like the rest

Donovan Molten Truths
His cosmic wheels are still turning!

Dear Alice Letters To The Former Mr. Furnier
Read them exclusively at CREEM!

Johnnie Johnson Bye Bye Johnny B. Goode
1924 — 2005.

John Davis JC—What I Mean?!
Catching up with the spiritually-enhanced ex-frontman of Superdrag.

Raveonettes Showing Their Roots
Through the Wayback Machine with W.C. Moriarity!

Eleganza by Pamela Des Barres
A report from South By Stylish Southwest!

Ted Nugent Crime And Punishment
Jeffrey Morgan revisits a classic interview.

Stars Cars Mike Watt
Still workin' the thud staff, still jammin' Econo!

Hubert Sumlin Walking In Them Shoes
Blues legend can still pitch a wang dang doodle. Great googly moobly!

Wanda Jackson The Original Riot Girl
W.C. Moriarity checks in with this hard-headed woman.

Petra Haden Petra Haden Sells Out
She should have used Odorono!

Hunter S. Thompson R.I.P.
1937 — 2005

Matthew Sweet Love You Life
All your base are belong to us!

Zombies Brains! Braaains!
An Angry Samoan tackles the aging undead!

Was (Not Was) True Crime Stories!
Porno For Children and other sage advice from Don Was.

The Blow Luke Hearts Khaela
Our own assistant editor swoons over the pop duo... and their music too!

VHS or Beta Not Too Hip To Eat A Schnitzel
Louisville rockers do the time warp again.

Johnny Ramone Ramone Remembered
You can't put your arms around a memory, but you can put your arms around a stature.

Terry Knight R.I.P.
Tribute to a Grand Funk svengali.

Danny Sugerman R.I.P.
Tribute to a lizard disciple.

Pirates Of The Carribbean: Treasures Of The Lost Abyss World Exclusive Script Preview!
Rewrite ends with the Sparrows fighting over lines!

Blanche Ol' Fashioned Hick'ry Smoked Tunes
Roots music for the forlorn and grief stricken.

Slayer Singin' In The Rain
Partly cloudy with a 100 percent chance of evil!

Paybacks Knocking Harder
Are the Paybacks the greatest rock 'n' roll band in America?

Memphis Beyond Graceland
Pilgrimage to the birthplace of rock 'n' roll.

Pun Plamondon Lost From The Ottawa [book excerpt]
Former White Panther leader kicks out some literary jams.

Greg Shaw R.I.P. Who Was That Man?
We'd like to shake his hand.

Xiu Xiu New American Idols?
We saw Jamie Stewart, but Clay and Diana were nowhere to be found, dawg!

Pedro The Lion Are We In Narina?
Going through the wardrobe with David Bazan.

Mooney Suzuki Rocking Detroit?
Do the Mooneys rock? Brian Hoekstra isn't convinced.

Polyphonic Spree Hallelujah Time
Praise the Lord and pass the snakes!

Microphones Mounting Eerie
A chat with the artist currently known as Phil Elverum

We Have A (CREEM) Dream! 53 Years Of Rock 'n' Roll
Or how to judge a can by its label!

Johnny Ramone Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Ben Folds On The Road Again
Not the Ben Folds Five, the MC5, the Count Five or the Furious Five...

Coheed And Cambria Dropping F-Bombs!
Do they kiss their mothers with those mouths?

Arthur Kane Death Of A Doll
Godspeed, Killer... and tell Johnny and Herry we said hello!

DKT/MC5 I Believe To My Soul
MC5 vets hit the road for the first time in 30 years. Plus: the new DVD reviewed!

Yes Chapter And Verse Parts I & II
Politicians Beware! Jeffrey Morgan's two-part interview with Rick Wakeman.

David Cross Bush Sucks, Abortions Are Funny
Luke Hackney gets to the bottom of David Cross' comedy stylings.
Devendra Banhart Back To Godhead
Hare Banhart Hare Banhart Banhart Banhart Hare Hare.

Mike Watt My Words Are War!
What? Watt? Speaks his mind?

Coachella '04 Air / Black Keys / Pixies / Flaming Lips / Radiohead
and more!

Sebadoh The Return Of The Kings Of Lo-Fi
Barlow and Loewenstein return from extended nap for more downmind folk-punk!

Einstürzende Neubauten Revolutionary Industrial
Constructing deconstructionist constructions.

Mr. Airplane Man Tiptoeing Through The Tulips
Dutch dispatch from John Sinclair and Mark Ritsema!

Lou Reed Let Us Now Condemn Has-Been
Why Lou Reed on Late Night With David Letterman made Ben Blackwell hate "Sunday Morning."

BR549 Hillbilly Sound And Proud Of It
Red necks, white socks and Blue Ribbon beer with BR549.

Elvin Jones 1927 — 2004
A poem by Watt.

Grandaddy Checking Out The Dancing Grannies
Kickin' it old school with Katy Boss.

Liars Pants On Fire
Liars talk hickory-smoked witches with Eric Gallippo.

Super Furry Animals Down With The Brown
Brian Hoekstra in a monochromatic conversation with Super Furry Animals.

The Von Bondies Upbeat Beatdowns
The Von Bondies chat with Brian J. Bowe about Pawn Shoppe Heart, fame and whuppins.

The Romantics 61/49
The Romantics return from the crossroads and tell us what they found, there's a TGI Fridays there now.

Was (Not Was) Can You Imagine All That Milk?
Pondering the band's sociapolitical importance while eating a rusty can of corn.

Rocket From The Tombs Down In Flames
No, these mysterious guys on stage aren't a new supergroup featuring members of Blues Traveler and Midnight Oil. It's Rocket from the Tombs, and Mike Vilano tells us why you should know about them.

Fun House Art Show Niagara, Iggy And So Much More!
Iggy and the Stooges (and friends) call all the pretty things: cover Detroit art lover with paintings in a bundle o'joy!

Little Steven Detroit Garage Rock Summit
Little Steven may be stuck in the garage these days, but he took some time to visit Detroit and hang out with the most rockin' kids in town.

Creem Dreem Julie Benjamin Of The Fondas
Hey boys! The Fondas' Julie Benjamin gives some tips on how to care for your wood.

Panthers Interview With Jason Green
Eric Gallippo scratches these big, ferocious pussies behind the ears.

Badly Drawn Boy Keep On Chugging
Damon Gough boozes it up with Crystal K. Wiebe.

Blues Power 2000 Blues
(Thank you Billy Gibbons wherever you are.)

The Donnas A Conversation With Donna A
Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee & Marky's California cousins. Better than being from the same trailer park.

Interpol Interview
Carlos Dengler on TV music and panties...

Goin' Cracker With Black Jesus A Dirtbomb Meditates On Race And Culture
Where Mr. Blackwell asks the eternal question: "How in the hell did mail work without zip codes?"

Carlos Guitarlos Interview
A former Rhythm Pig talks music, life, and that damn atachafalaya.

Ramones End Of The Century
The documentry you may never see.

God Is In The House A Conversation With Nick Cave
The vampire interviewed by Brian J. Bowe.

Johnny Cash 1932-2003
All my heroes are dead or dying.

Mainlines, Blood Feasts, And Bad Taste A Lester Bangs Reader
Book by Bowe/Mentor by Morgan

The Dirt Bombs Ready To Hit Us, Baby
One more time.

Rodney Bingenheimer Mayor Of The Sunset Strip
Wow! It's all happening."

Stooges' Reunion Gig Fucking Some Shit Up With Iggy, The Ashetons And Watt
Plus Stooge Watch!

Hot Wind From Under The Palms Coachella Memories
Sun, fun and the never-ending search for Andy Gump.

The Mooney Suzuki Desert Interview
The band discusses its greatness, the single-finger salute and our very own perfection!

Michael Gira Angles Of Light In Detroit
A Swan is not a bird, it's a folk-singer!

Jesus Was A Zombie Or What I Did On Easter Sunday
First I arose...

1972: The Lists A Record Year!
Who you callin' "Dick!?"

Bringing Light To The Shadows The Funk Brothers In The Spotlight!
Back to Hitsville U.S.A 48201.

Sell Out The Jams? MC5 Shilling For Levis?
...And other MC5 related topics.

Powertrane Revival Meeting
Scott Morgan's Powertrane cruises in overdrive!
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