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Widow a-Go-Go Linda Ramone, Chili Pepper John Frusciante and Vincent Gallo rally 'round the Ramone while Nicolas Cage grits his teeth and points. A short time later Rob Zombie suddenly realized; "Hey, I forgot to shave!" followed by Gallo asking why Johnny could be a surly guy and still have friends... "but I can't!"

Johnny Ramone
Ramone Remembered

A gaggle of famous friends—including Nicolas Cage, Lisa Marie Presley and Eddie Vedder—turned out on the afternoon of January 14 for the unveiling of Johnny Ramone's statue atop his gravesite at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Sitting not far from fellow Ramone Dee Dee's grave, the statue was commissioned by Johnny's wife, Linda, while the ailing punk rocker was fighting through the last days of his battle with prostate cancer. A number of the folks in attendance who knew Johnny best got up to eulogize the punk rock pioneer and famously cantankerous figure.

One of Johnny's best friends, rocker Rob Zombie, claimed he was the one who originally got the whole idea of a statue going. He told of how Johnny was always fond of pointing out to his wife, Linda, just how lucky she was to be living with a legend. With that in mind, Zombie had a small statue of Johnny created with the word "legend" on it, so that Johnny could just point to the statue and save himself some breath. And then Linda herself ended up carrying the idea one step further. The statue bears the words of Johnny himself: "If a man can judge success by how many great friends he has, then I have been very successful."

W.C. Moriarity
February 2005
Photos by W.C. Moriarity